See what engage4 can do

Improving workplace culture for everyone

engage4: Individuals

Supporting your employees to be their best self

  • Support your employees with access to training, self development, health and wellbeing challenges.
  • Recognise and celebrate individuals for their performance and contributions.
  • Give every employee the tools they need to feel happier in the workplace.

engage4: TEAMS

Promoting connection, collaboration and effective teamwork

  • Empower leaders and employees to develop robust relationships with tools such as feedback reviews, light touch surveys and the check in pulse.
  • Create successful working relationships based on mutual trust, open dialogue and constructive feedback loops.


Involving everyone to make your mission a success

  • Help employees understand your organisation’s values and purpose, and see their contribution towards the bigger picture.
  • Harness the collective energy of your workplace through community events, challenges and group discussions.

The problems engage4 solves

Bring your organisation’s core values to life
Celebrate people and individual achievements
Build a strong community
Connect leaders to staff
Create positive feedback loops
Track changes in culture

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