Enhancing culture through technology

engage4 is a platform that enables individuals, teams and entire organisations to drive positive change within their workplace culture

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engage4 is an employee engagement and wellbeing platform that gives you the tools to create an organisational culture that enhances teamwork, productivity, employee retention, and performance.

engage4 is for those who believe that a positive workplace culture is the difference between an organisation that survives, and an organisation that thrives.

"Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees - valued and supported staff are far more likely to deliver the best outcomes for your business."



Pillars of engagement


Create true two-way communications to help employees feel connected and have their voices heard, acknowledged and acted on.


Celebrate teamwork and success by encouraging end to end engagement with tools to recognise colleagues and be recognised in turn.


Tools that support individuals, teams and communities to improve their physical, emotional and developmental wellbeing.

Key Features

Tools to support a positive culture

Community Feed
Social feed of updates for sharing and collaboration
Check in Pulse
Simple way to take a measurement of employee happiness
Continuously request feedback and swiftly act on results
Develop knowledge and skills with snackable tutorials
Focused content to support a range of wellbeing topics
Connect directly with anyone within your organisation
Celebrate positive contributions and achievements
Progress Journey
Track and reward individual development and progress
Community Calendar
Drive culture by empowering teams to create social events
Community Challenges
Promote health and wellbeing with fun activity goals

Improving workplace culture for everyone

engage4: Individuals

Supporting your employees to be their best self

Support your employees with access to training, self-development, health and wellbeing challenges. Recognise and celebrate individuals for their performance and contributions. With engage4, every employee has control of the tools they need to feel happier and healthier in the workplace.
group of office workers laughing around a laptop
showing a group of office workers in casual discussion
engage4: Teams

Cultivating connection, collaboration, and effective teamwork

Successful working relationships are based on mutual trust, open dialogue, and continuous constructive feedback. Empower leaders and employees to develop robust relationships with tools such as feedback reviews, 1:1s, and regular pulse surveys. With engage4, everyone knows that their voice is heard.
engage4: Organisations

Involving everyone to make your mission a success

Help employees understand your organisation's values and purpose, and their contribution to the bigger picture. Harness the collective energy of your workplace through community events, challenges, and group discussions. With engage4, every employee knows they belong.
in an office, two young women celebrate with a high five over a
                     fuseball game against two men.


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