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Engagement - are you doing it right?

Within organisations, there’s been a growing sense that engaging with employees and team members is a really useful and worthwhile thing to do. But coupled with that is the reality that many organisations are merely paying lip service to the concept, treating it as a fad, or struggling to find the ways to implement it in the best way.

Creating Genuine Connection in a Disparate World

What are the challenges facing organisations and what are the building blocks of an effective engagement strategy? Find out in our whitepaper, ‘Creating Genuine Connection in a Disparate World’.

Great Features

To enable dynamic engagement and collaboration of a community through mobile technology.

Daily Pulse

Real time overview of how users are feeling – quickly react to trends


Collect feedback on relevant topics or deep-dive further into Pulse results


Centrally managed list of upcoming group calendar events that have been setup to enhance collaboration and engagement


Connect with your community – 1:1 or group chats with push notifications

Centralised Documents

All the relevant documents, all in one place, providing a single source of truth

Admin Console

Configure your app and easily deep dive into data analytics


Updated stream of relevant content that helps drive your community towards being more engaged

Multiple Instances

Easily switch between your different Engage4 groups

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