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The transformative power of celebrating success within the workplace

Everybody loves a celebration! Birthdays, weddings, graduations and fitness triumphs, it is human nature to congratulate ourselves and our nearest and dearest on life’s achievements both great and small. So why is celebrating success inside the workplace not a commonplace occurrence?

We believe it is vital that businesses create a workplace culture that recognises and celebrates its staff members achievements, both work-related and non-work related.

From reaching milestones and completing projects to closing deals or breaking records, it couldn’t be more important to show employees how much they are appreciated by celebrating their workplace successes.


Why Is Employee Appreciation So Important?

Recognising employees’ accomplishments is key to keeping an engaged and motivated workforce that can clearly see the value of their role within the organisation.

The sense of value and appreciation that comes from acknowledging someone’s hard work is a natural motivator. Even the simplest acknowledgement makes the individual employee and the wider team happy and more positive about their working experience and this can have a vital role to play in keeping productivity high.

Sharing the tales of success from teams and individuals across the wider organisation creates respect and understanding of everyone’s contribution towards the bigger picture. Instilling this understanding in an employee of their contribution towards the organisation’s overall goals, creates an incredible sense of purpose and belonging for the employee. Is this can be done successful staff will be more engaged, productive and loyal to the organisation as they very much see themselves as a part of it.


What Happens When Employees Aren’t Appreciated?

It’s an all-too-common story – workers leave a company because they feel that their hard work went unnoticed and that their achievements were overlooked. When employees don’t feel appreciated, a culture of discontent can begin to build up that pervades the entire workforce. When even one employee feels that they aren’t receiving the kind of recognition that they deserve, the downward spiral in their attitude towards their work and towards their employers is, often, catching.

A disgruntled employee will share their thoughts with their closest peers who will likely recognise that their achievements have been largely ignored too. Soon, a lack of motivation begins to seep through the organisation and, as a result, productivity and, eventually, profitability, will take a major hit.

Not only will employees stop trying as hard to impress their managers, but they will often actively look for another position. This can result in high staff turnover which is a microcosm of problems in itself: Losing trained staff members increases costs and reduces revenue. Vacancies must be advertised, and managers must take time out of their schedule to review applications and to interview potential candidates.

When new staff members have been hired, they must be trained which, again, takes up valuable time – time which should be spent working on more profitable activities for the business. Meanwhile, customer satisfaction levels drop. New team members cannot provide the same level of customer care as a fully trained and experienced member of staff, and managers and existing members of the team cannot dedicate their time fully to keeping the business running at its optimal level because they must expend resources on bringing the new staff up to speed.

If we zoom out a little and look at the wider context, the business’ profitability will drop. Less satisfied customers means that ultimately the reputation of the company suffers, which spirals into reduced custom and less revenue. In the absolute worst-case scenario – with today’s marketplace being so competitive – a company could go under, all because workers weren’t fully appreciated.


What Benefits Can Appreciating Employees Bring?

When business leaders work hard to create an encouraging and supportive workplace culture which recognises, rewards and supports hard work, there are numerous benefits for the workers themselves and for the company as a whole. When celebrating achievements becomes commonplace the advantages include:

  • Increased engagement
  • Boosted motivation
  • Improved productivity
  • Stronger teams
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Better loyalty to the business

All these things are essential for any company to excel in its sector, and by simply introducing a few simple changes to the way in which achievements are acknowledged, it’s possible to revolutionise the atmosphere in the workplace and to foster a much closer working community bond.


How Can Workplace Successes Be Celebrated?

There are numerous ways in which successes can be celebrated within the workplace. From throwing team parties and giving raises and bonuses to sending hand-written thank you notes or including a mention in the company newsletter or on social media, it needn’t be complicated or difficult to communicate team member successes to the rest of the organisation or even to the world.

The engage4 app makes celebrating your colleague’s achievements really easy. Give someone a high 5 to let them know discreetly that you think their work is great. Or post about their success in a team or companywide post for everyone to see in their personal news feed. If you really think they are great you can use the community events feature to set up an after-work drink celebration to ‘cheers’ them in person.



Whatever your organisation style or the magnitude of the success, engage4 will help you deliver that all important message that they are appreciate for what they do.

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