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The top 5 causes of employee turnover and how to combat them

In this 5-minute read, we’ll explore the 5 major triggers behind why people leave their jobs and provide you with actionable remedies to avoid these pitfalls in your organisation.


1. Overloaded with work

When staff have excessive amounts of work to get through, it is natural to become demotivated. A surprising 70% of workers feel they simply don’t have sufficient time in the day to perform all of their duties. It’s no wonder so many people leave their place of work seeking a better work/life balance.

As an employer, it is essential to open up an effective 2-way communication channel with your staff. Give your team a safe way to raise their hand and ask for help when they are feeling overwhelmed. Introducing flexible working or bringing in temporary resources to help share the workload are more cost-effective solutions in the long run.

If that open dialogue between staff and leadership is not in place, then you risk finding out your staff are feeling overwhelmed at a point where it is too late to salvage the relationship.

Our culture enhancing app for the workplace has a unique toolkit of features that enables employers to gently touch base with their staff. The Check In Pulse feature lets your staff quickly and easily tell you how they are feeling, and it is completely anonymous which encourages people to be honest giving you a much clearer sense of how your people are feeling. If a user’s response doesn’t improve over a time period defined by you the feature will prompt that individual to take action, empower them to come forward and talk to someone or seek help before issues snowball.

See the full engage4 feature set here.


2. Offered a higher rate of pay elsewhere

A common reason for staff moving on comes in the form of an offer they can’t refuse. When employees are offered a larger salary elsewhere, they are likely to leave and unless you can match that offer, you’ll be waving them off into the sunset.

Before you jump to offer them a few extra 0’s and beg them to stay consider whether that’s the best approach long term. If they are an unproductive team member, it might be best to replace them with a new, more committed staff member.

To avoid the dire situation of staff that feel undervalued and underpaid it is important to recognise people’s contributions and achievements and to review salaries regularly. This goes a long way towards improving employee engagement and motivation in the long run.

The engage4 app makes it possible to show individuals your appreciation through the High 5 feature. Share High 5’s across any level of the organisation and show people their contribution was noticed.


3. A toxic company culture

Evidence shows that employees who are a strong cultural fit with the organisation and feel actively engaged in the company’s culture are more committed to the long-term success of the organisation. A positive and inclusive workplace culture gives people a sense of belonging which is a very powerful retention tool.

On the flip side of this, a negative workplace culture can drive a clear path to the exit sign for many people.

A positive workplace culture is increasingly touted as a key decision-maker for candidates when looking for new roles.

Gauging whether your staff are happy is easily done through our app’s Check In Pulse feature. Over time, gather a clear picture of who is happy at work and notice trends across departments and functions.

Or use the app’s Light Touch Survey tool to gather instant feedback from your staff and realign the company’s ideas with the wants of its people.


4. Lack of development opportunities

If people can’t see a clear career path for themselves at work, then they will often look elsewhere for that next step up the ladder.

Whether it be a promotion or simply a chance to learn some new skills, everyone should be given the opportunity to grow and develop at work. Organisations that don’t provide their staff with development opportunities will suffer 2-fold; firstly, from the workforce’s skills stagnating and the ideas and talent stalling which ultimately affects the business’s performance and secondly from high staff turnover as people inevitably leave to find opportunities elsewhere.

The engage 4 app boasts a Microlearning function which makes it easy for employers to share development and training opportunities for their staff. The feature is designed to deliver content in bitesize chunks, making it accessible and motivating for even the busiest of team members.


5. Lack of reward or recognition

Leaders should never underestimate how powerful recognition can be as a motivator. Employees want to know that what they are doing is appreciated and recognised by their managers and that their individual contribution is a valuable part of something bigger.

By simply acknowledging people’s hard work and thanking them for their input, staff engagement, motivation, retention and ultimately their performance can all be improved.

Saying thank you or well done doesn’t need to be grand or costly, it just needs to be genuine. The engage 4 app gives you the tools to thank and motivate staff. The High 5’s tool makes it easy to let someone know their work was appreciated. The Community Events feature makes it simple to organise a team lunch or Friday drinks and the Community News Feed makes it quick to share updated and announcements with the whole organisation.

See the full engage4 feature set here.

By regularly taking simple steps to show staff their contributions are all part of something bigger you can keep staff motivated, engaged and happy in the workplace.



Reducing your employee turnover is key to keeping the business running smoothly, productively and profitably. Take a closer look at the engage4 features to see how they can help you support, engage and motivate your workforce.

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