Combat absenteeism and presenteeism in your organisation

Tackle both absenteeism and presenteeism by building connections within teams and highlighting the contributions and value of your people. 
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engage4 gives you the toolkit to create a connected, vibrant workplace culture

Culture, performance and employee retention

Research shows that an engaged workforce is linked to productivity, profitability and higher staff retention rates in organisations. 

​By developing a company culture that engages, motivates and listens to its people both retention and company-wide performance are enhanced.  

engage4 gives business leaders the toolkit to develop a workplace culture that is tangible for its staff.

The engage4 experience

Creating a connected, vibrant workplace culture.
  • Nurture your network
  • Motivate your community
  • Spark your curiosity
  • Speak your mind
  • Develop yourself

We are habit forming experts

engage4 is powered by Vidatec, a leading app developer with a successful track record of creating habit-forming apps. Vidatec are experts in creating technology that approaches habit changes in a sustainable manner, which in turn changes lives. Find out more about Vidatec here.

engage4 is built using proven methodology to encourage positive behaviours and new habits. Stay motivated to improve your experience of life, both in work and at home, with notifications, reminders and rewards.


What internal trigger is the product addressing? What external trigger gets the user to the product?


What ‘bit of work’ is done to increase the likelihood of returning?


Is the reward fulfilling, yet leaves the user wanting more?


What is the simplest behaviour in anticipation of reward?

How engage4 combats absenteeism and presenteeism 

Retain your top talent by building a workplace culture that connects, motivates and engages your workforce.

Check in pulse

Get a sense of how people are feeling with the Check In Pulse

Quickly take the pulse of your people and understand how they are feeling in real-time. 

• Fast, easy and completely anonymous to encourage honest responses. 
• Catch any issues before they snowball. ​​​​​​
• Consecutive negative responses gives the user the option to alert HR or other trusted contacts.


Inspire with Microlearning

Give your staff the opportunity to grow and develop with a learning platform designed for busy team members.

  • Tackle BIG topics in bitesize chunks.
  • Upskill individuals, teams or the entire organisation
  • See progress towards goals

​​​​​​Build connections with the Community News Feed 

Cut across barriers, reach every talented mind in the organisation and make sure everyone knows they belong.

• Easy to use, social media-style news feed personalised to each user.
• Give everyone equal visibility, share and receive news at any level of the organisation. 
• Create events, challenges and groups to build connections.

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